Andromeda Galaxy

ASTR:1070 - Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

This course is a survey of various topics including the Sun; life cycles of stars including black holes and pulsars; diversity of galaxies including the Milky Way and distant quasars; cosmology—the history, structure, and fate of the universe; current results from recent astronomical observations; for non-science majors.

Our solar system

ASTR:1080 - Exploration of the Solar System

This course is a survey of the solar system: physical properties of the planets, comets, and asteroids; origin of the solar system; search for extrasolar planetary systems; search for life in the universe; current results of recent planetary space missions; night sky observation.

The Milky Way Galaxy

ASTR:1771 - Introductory Astronomy I

This course is designed for astronomy majors and undergraduates who wish to learn basic astrophysics from a quantitative perspective. The course includes an introduction to the physical principles needed to understand astronomical phenomena, such as laws of motion, gravitation, and radiation; astronomical instruments; the structure and evolution of the Solar System bodies; properties of exoplanets; and the search for life.