This section of the lab will allow you to see a relationship between wavelength and colors of visible light, and will help you become familiar with the Ocean Optics Spectrometer.

There is a small black box on your lab table that has small lights of different colors that can be turned on in sequence. The spectrometer is a small box connected to the computer via a USB cable, with a fiber optic cable coming out of it. The Logger Pro program on the lab computers will display a wavelength vs. intensity plot of whatever light source the fiber optic cable is pointed at. More detailed help on how to use the Logger Pro software will be given to you by your instructor.


The Ocean Optics Spectrometer can be used to measure the spectrum of each flourescent bulb. The Spectrometer is a small box attached to the computer via a USB with a fiber optic cable coming out of it. Spectra can be measured by starting up the Logger Pro program on the computer and pointing the fiber optic cable at a light source.