Discuss each question with your team. Be prepared to explain the reasoning behind your team's answers after the quiz. For questions 1 and 4, more than one answer may apply.

  1. Which of the following is true about visible light?
    • The entire electromagnetic spectrum is visible light
    • Only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible
    • Visible light has the shortest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum
    • Visible light has the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum
  2. Fill in the blanks below using the following terms: absorption spectrum, continuous spectrum, and emission line spectrum

    The spectrum of a blackbody, a heated gas cloud, and a blackbody viewed through a gas cloud are, respectively, examples of a/an _________, a/an _________, and a/an _________.
  3. While observing the night sky you notice four stars: One red, one white, one blue, and one yellow. Which of these stars is hottest and which is coolest?
  4. Which of the the following properties of an object can potentially be determined by observing light emitted from the object?
    • Chemical composition
    • Temperature 
    • Relative motion
    • All of the above